Simple, Useful, and a Great Looking Accessory!

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Cover Your Hands

Expose Your Fingers

Push Them Up!

Mitlitz can replace all of your gloves and mittens, and they compliment your outfit both indoors and out!

Mitlitz are so much smarter than "fingerless gloves". My fingers get cold, and now I can cover them!
Jane Mayer

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You can't get Mitlitz anywhere else!


All products are made here in the USA


Mitlitz was designed to fit hands of all sizes!

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Mitlitz is committed to providing the best way to keep your hands warm and comfortable.  Our patented product is the most convenient mitten you will ever use.  Just side your hand in, and completely cover for total warmth, or slide it down to expose your fingers.  You’ll never have to take them off!

I am so happy I found Mitlitz! The quality of the fabric makes for a very warm mitten, and best of all, I don't have to take them off to use my fingers! I'll never have to worry about losing mittens again!

Mitlitz look great in any occasion!